Sunday, May 20, 2007

a bit of the week

hello loves,

thank you all who stopped by open studios. it truly means a lot and especially nice to chat with y'all, however long or brief it was, it made my day.

here are some bits of color & moments captured:
heidi and i did a trade and i hope to score many of these brilliant baubles for my painting!
i heart her hair and hugh's painting in the corner.
openstudios chillin
i spot my studiomate chilling where a bridge to the studio roof deck will soon go.
una rosa para ti
after the vivenne westwood show--go go it rocks! my mom & i went to the rose garden. i took an insane amount of photos, but it really does not do justice. pitiful actually how little i captured.
kissing cousins
niece & nephew lily and nate xxxxing. i'm biased but, hello cuteness overload.

i just realized i addressed you all as my loves, but sometimes that's how i feel when you come check this little corner. like, why do you even care? so for that i feel the love. thank you muchisimo.

hugh is calling me to watch the 3rd cd of freaks and geeks. speaking of love and using it loosely. i love this show. so awkward it kills me. anyone relate? millie is my fave.

you know what else i love? that hugh is already on the grinding coffee for tomorrow. i am so happy to be marrying him for this reason alone. clearly, i'm addicted.



meg said...

oh - freaks + geeks is a fave or mine - i need to rent the dvd. was millie the bad girl? i loved her.

i also love the snarky boy that was in 40 year old virgin. ugly-hot in my book...

mati rose said...

hee. thanks for the F&G fandom. millie is a periphiral character and is the goodie-goodie one that is a math-a-lete. i love how she's a bit loveable despite her extremely annoying behaviors! i'll look out for the snarky boy... i'm not that far into it yet;)

christine said...

Yay Freaks & Geeks! That show is just brilliant. I'm a fan of Millie, too.

I love that Hugh is grinding coffee for the next day. (You two are so sweet.) I've been lazing out and making pre-ground, but maybe this morning I'll break out the grinder!

Hang in there and take many quiet moments for yourself.

mati rose said...

Thank you Christine! I think you & Rama may have recommended F&G to us! We were trying to remember who that was...
thanks for the advice. i know you understand! i appreciate that so much.

Collquest said...

I can't comment on Freaks and Geeks but I can on husbands who grind the night before...haha that didn't come out right. Anyway, my husband has ground our beans the night before forever. We will be married 28 years next month. It's just one of the many caring things he does for me...trivial to some but so meaningful to me.
Oh, and Hugh's a keeper =)

shari said...

i'm going home on thursday for some of my mamma's cooking. there's nothing like it. :) love those baubles. xoxox

mati rose said...

hi guys, thank you for all the lovelyness. i'm feeling less strezzed now. xo, mati

Swirly said...

Oh, how I wish we lived closer!! I am going to find the perfect spot for your paintings in our new house this week...right now they are on my dresser so I can look at them every day.

mccabe said...


oh my~i just discovered you and your site and i am totally charmed.

you are a little bundle of magic&joy....

i will be back!

wishing love