Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Freaky P

Wednesday’s woman of the week is Ms. Jessie Elizabeth Rogers aka Freaky P.
Look at her with seaweed in her mouth. How I love this woman!

Reasons I heart Jessie:

~She taught me how to pass trucks!
~She was my roommate for 8 years, and we're still friends!
~She is a libra, a scale, and perfect for getting a balanced view point, even if you don't want one!
~We know where we fit on the clean to messy scale & accept one another
~We will be soap billionaires soon
~She's poet, and she don't even know it {
~We ground each other
~She still spends the night & borrows my girly shirts to bed & hugh's cowboy shirts for work!
~She has the same name as my sister
~She's crafty!
~She's playful & imaginative
~She's crushable to everyone
~She seeks diversity, truth & communication
~She carries "Gandhi" and lil' frogs on her bike
~She always sez to me- "only YOU could wear that" & i see it as a compliment!
~She's a drummer & a drag diva, or king
~We shared a cell phone- 'nuff said

Jessie and I drove out to SF from Boston, but really started our journey from her home town of Teaneck, NJ. We hit every hot tub in the U.S. and were welcomed in "God's Country" {said with a Louisiana drawl}. Along the way we created home in our Art Car named Bobby Cee, our own drunken angel. We stumbled upon Gay Pride in Dallas, Texas of all places, as we were out looking for dental floss, and learned to 2-step with our favorite gay men... one of which was the original Bobby Cee. We lived in our cowboy hats, overalls and windblown-matted hair. We slept along the road {only once mom if you're reading} and woke up to cows sniffing our car. We almost stayed in New Mexico, but "Nothing Short of Ecstacy" became our motto and we reached Big Sur {see seaweed in mouth} and then up to San Fran where we found a new home. Thank you Jessie to months of the beautiful open road and reaching higher & wider! xooxox

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