Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ampersands & ampersands!


OK it is late. i have 2 big projects due, tomorrow.

i am taking a break. my tea bag said to "keep up". i took it as a sign to stay up late, not that i have a choice.

i'm in the midst of a project called "indebtedness" inspired by chris ware. in my teacher's words:


Part One: (read  Chris Ware Monograph)  Discipline and Study.  Investigate and catalog your sources of artistic / narrative inspiration.  As Chris Ware has copied old typography endlessly, so should you "practice" imitation through repetition.  Investigate "art" and "non-art" for themes that attract you and imitate/iterate them.  Also look at form and structure: color, composition, types of line, pacing, etc.  Rather then attempting to imitate all at once, try to isolate elements individually.  In addition, in your search of sources, follow a research-style pursuit of the sources and artists (musicians, writers, etc) who inspired the art that you are inspired by (Bibliographical research: explore the methods of the people who inspired the people who you admire).  Find interviews online to see who/what they are interested in, read liner notes of albums, etc.  Investigate these new sources for their potential to you.  Seek the boundary edges of the investigated subject.

We learn by copying so it is important to directly imitate.  However, adapt or incorporate something into your own you must be obsessive in your practice: repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat

ALSO--Experiment with changing some structural aspect of the sources:  for example, try different sizes-- blown up large or shrunk small.  Draw in silhouette, use color, merge two sources, obliterate, use only line, use only blocks of color, etc.

Possible source areas:  Library books- children's books, old textbooks or technical manuals, pulp, old magazines; maps, wallpaper, signs, toys, games; Artists-- musicians, their songs, lyrics, the music itself or album art; Writers & Filmmakers-- themes, characters, settings, dialog.   Videogames, websites, fast food, the radio, etc etc etc


tania said...

i got the exact same tea bag message today!!
i liked that one.
that project sounds interesting...

Meredith said...

I love that you're posting your assignments here. I wish that I was going to art school. I'm going to some cheesy online college, and supposedly getting my BA in liberal studies with a fine arts concentration, but they don't offer any actual art classes. This could prove to be problematic. But your class sounds super neato.