Sunday, February 13, 2005

happy {fat} chinese new year!

pretty lanterns

pretty lanterns, you are so simple.

i just went to an amazing chinese new years party. happy 4701, the chinese new year!


so much foooood. of course, monica and i stuffed our faces before on colombian eats- arepas, platanos & guanabana jugos. and then we had every single glutonous yummy package imaginable and oysters and citrus sangria and sesame balls. that's the spread, but it doesn't even capture it!

speaking of chinese new year, the year of the rooster and all, i've felt a little sad about not coming up with a rooster for illo friday. i tried. i drew many a roost on many checks at my work! i felt uninspired. check out camilla's classy roost that i wanted to comment on, but can't speak her language and kept trying. does she also know that i love the name camilla so much? so nice. maybe for my first daughter... someday far off in the future. camillo if it's a boy.

camillo is the name of this beautiful street child that i befriended in bogota, colombia. it's another story for a later date. speaking of dates... ahhh! tomorrow is v-day and my boy is watching the rented marathon of sopranos in bed and i have nothing for him yet. hmmmm. any romantic ideas?


Camilla said...

Man bockar och bugar! Thank you. I'd rather be at a chinese new years party than draw a rooster.

Cindy Ann Ganaden said...

Happy New Year!!!!

mati rose said...

och bugar back!!