Saturday, February 12, 2005

how to relax about $

Your money is not your life!
It just seems that way sometimes.
True Wealth is inside of you.
Learn to cultivate
Money Miracles.  Go back to
money innocence.
Be who you truly are
and the money will follow.
You are safe.
If you find yourself worrying
about money, why were you lost
in the first place?  Read
"Money and how it gets that way"
by Henry Miller
Make friends with money.
Money is like love -
the more you give away,
the more it comes back.
Watch the movie, "It's a
wonderful life." When any money
flows in for you, it's time to help

Help them now.
Money was invented to be shared.
Start a revolution: refuse
to believe in recessions.
We need to rewrite recession
to read: Money recess.
Remember recess?  you got to go
outside, kick and ball,
and feel free from school.
We all need to feel free
about money!
Take a deep breath.
What you are worth is not about

Relax. You are safe

thank you stef!!!!

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Kim Carney said...

love the inner-crumudgeon! And your writing. I am with you girl bout the morning shift, I am work morning shift on Saturday, and I would rather stick hot irons in my eye than get out of bed at 7am! -- Kim