Monday, February 28, 2005


a handfull of dear friends came to our cafe art party. so nice to have time with each of them! especially sweet to see friends with their 7 month baby! how do people still manage to attend art openings with a baby? and stay out late? and seem more awake than anyone else?!

handsome eddie & sam(osa)

mischievious JR

soulful sab


jenny said...

so it's true! you are friends with sabrina! her spilling open book is on my studio bookshelf~how lucky you are!

hee hee, i think i can relate to coming out "awake" with a seven month old little person~sometimes i can get so wrapped up in my (wow, now almost three year old!) toddler world that it's nice to get "away" even for a few hours~especially if it has anything to do with art!

was this a show? for you? been enjoying the images of your work~keep it coming!

mati rose said...

yes, i feel blessed to have dear friends. sabrina included, she is such a creative old soul. i try to honor one lady every wedsnesday in my blog- to give a call out!

wow- a 3 yr old:)

it was a group show of me & my studio mates!


JR said...

mrd, 1. let's play with samuel, 2. i have u stamps, 3. thurs dinner is on.

JR said...

mrd, 1. let's play with samuel, 2. i have u stamps, 3. thurs dinner is on.

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