Tuesday, March 22, 2005


just a lil' hello to anyone who might be reading!
i'm home in maine.
snow & sunshine.
snuggling and sneezing to our cat stanley.
my mom and i walked to the seaweed ocean.
my sister and i are listening to my newly purchased "bright eyes" cd per her boyfriend's request/obsession.
i'm still making comics, but have no means to scan... soon i will post.
i have a few days and then off to massachusetts for kate & eric's much anticipated wedding!
i'm a "bridesmaid" in a brown dress and sparkly teal wrap.
have you ever been to forever 21? my favorite new store for $2 baubles.
almost as good as H&M.
random jottings.


Anonymous said...

hi mati, it's emily mcd -
just wanted to say that a)our cat is named stanley too! how funny. and b)give KWC a big hug & kiss from me & take lots of pictures! have a wonderful time!

mati rose said...

thanks emily! i will give her an extra kiss & many pics:)