Thursday, March 17, 2005


i got an A+ on my Art History Exam- how rad is that?! I haven't felt that ecstactic about grades since 3rd grade spelling!!!


Cin said...

Congrats on your grade, alot of work to get it I know !

and just finished looking through all the links you've posted, thanks, alot of neat artist's site's you've found. . .and gotta remember to add "Uncle Floyd" to my link list too, his watercolors are terrific !

and thanks for your comment on my illo, I know, that deadline came up quick this week !

Cin said...

also, FYI, "bloggers" comments have been acting strangely for a week or more now, it's suddenly taking forever to load (at least in the browser I use, Firefox) I think the amount of comments people get is much less because of it.

Meredith said...

hurray! Congratulations!