Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the final push

i've been really into drawing 2x2 inch squares of doodles to brainstorm compositions. so little pressure in 2 inches, but big impact of overall feel. and it's so easy to fill quick... have fun and try! then scan & fill colors {mine are a lil' 1/2 assed, but good for gen idea}.
i have less than 2 weeks left of my first semester of school for illustration! may 6 we will parteee! kate wc & i have already made a date for tamarind margaritas at the little boabab. yippee!
what have i learned? me oh my. i can't wait to really reflect on that. as if there's going to be a magic point when my life slows down and i'll be able to fully process. maybe when i'm eighty two {and have finally paid off my student loans}. hee.
paper due tomorrow. blah blah.
illo sketch too. our teacher said he was dissapointed in our previous sketches so this one has to be a good. my classmate who re-took the class for fun said that he said that last year too, and that it's a "teaching tool". anyhow, it is motivating and paralyzing, simultaneously. plus i have cramps... it is so so so telling when i feel insecure about my art/ PMS are aligned. whoa! sorry if that's a little toooo much info, but it is so real. i need to put a big sign in my studio- "YOU ARE PMSing your art does not totally suck- check back in a week".
i miss my BFF today. where is she?


Jenny said...


are you sad that it's almost over? (are you graduating?) or relived? (sending you some pamprin through the computer screen~the stuff really works when you can't take the stuupid cramps! :)

mati rose said...

thank you!!! this advil is not cutting the mustard.

Anonymous said...

Yer BFF is here reading your blog as I procrastinate studying for TORTS! I wish I was studying TORTA.
I miss you everyday and seein your art posts keeps me feeling slightly connected...
will call... xo

Jesse Lee said...

I REALLY like that picture!! So cute...I love the idea of one big picture made up of many small ones.
It is so crazy that you and Bekah are both back in school. I don't know how you guys do it...but just get through these few weeks and it will be time for fun!

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