Friday, April 01, 2005

happy saintt stoopids day

hee. that spelling mistake makes me look stoopider.

so FYI my boy is wearing a lilac polyester suit right now and marching around sf with the stupids. yes we do live in SF, this is to be expected. also, he is wearing a pink beret! he is so machismo.

and ME! i am feeling inspired by the warm weather and coffee still pulsing through my veins! i love the brown liquid.

here are a few of my current inspirations:

chandra is a character i conceived of the other day when i was defacing a "frosty the snowman" kid's book. chandra was the former owner of the book who also liked to color on frosty. the story became a little twisted and frosty by the end was supporting slave labor and wearing an afro.

here is chandra in sculpey:

suspect the cat is on her head. suspect was born a couple years ago as underwear for my first show! i am feeling the urge to make more and add a "shop" section to my website {if i can ever launch my illo one to begin with}. i pine to make a complete set of day of the week undies. maybe it can be a collaborative project? would anyone be into submitting an illo and i send you silkscreened day of the week collaborative underwear {new} back? lemme know if you share this interest.


i am loving monster town's art. this is a piece that i bought from meredith aka monster town at our holiday craft fair. it is propped on my jewlery shelf and i think chandra was definately inspired by her little creature.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to take a day. Maybe Thursday. I could do it in June, though not til then because, because, because. bf

Meredith said...

Thanks Mati! It really means a lot to me that you like my art work. I really like yours too. I love the day of the week underpants idea, I'd love to help with that project. fun fun.

Anonymous said...

Isn't monstertown just delicious!!!
I love her and I'm so privileged to live so close.

oh, and I'm here lurking on your blog because I love it too!


mati rose said...

oh, you lurker you! thanks for your comment:)
monstertown rocks indeed!
are you the same spring with the monster japan show?!