Friday, May 06, 2005

the doodle is the art

i'm sitting here listening to a mix with a lot of tom waits' gravely voice. what a leisurely mellow morning sipping coffee and visiting all of my lovely blog-spots.


Cin said...

it is a awfully nice way to spend a morning ! and then an afternoon in the library to top it off !

Jeanine Huebner said...

wish I could be there sipping coffee with you and telling you all about my adventures here in Australia! The day will come, and I can't wait! (even though it's gonna take a while, 'cause I still haven't found an American dude who I think is awesome and who proposed to me......... wonder why not?!?)
All my love, have a great day!

Jeanine Huebner said...

I like your posting on April 20th. And I wanna buy dinner out of the blue for somebody who appreciates it like you. And I am wearing the earings you gave me today and was talking about you.
Miss you.

The Small Object said...

that prickly whale is awesome. and your handwriting is so lovely. nothing better than a doodle and a nice script!