Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i am so excited!!!

i finally have a website
thank you hugh, you are my hero:)
it feels funny because i have wanted this for sooo long... it's been in the works since october.
now i need to update it with all of my new work from school, but at least it's a start! it's great for me to see the progress i've made in a semester-- yea for art school!
ps- let me know about any glitches please. i know that the kid's book page doesn't work yet. also i have no contact info listed yet either.


Meredith said...

wow!! congratulations, Mati! It looks wonderful! yay!

sweethc said...

It is very nice. Love the site. Your work is great, by the way.

Cindy Ann Ganaden said...

Congrads!!! It looks great

mati rose said...

thank you, it's been a long time coming:)

Camilla Engman said...

Congratulations! It's great.

shash said...

this is so great! can't wait to look at it more later when i'm off work. congrats!

jenny vorwaller said...

mati mati mati!! i've been "working" on my portfolio site for a long time coming too and seeing yours makes me want to finish it up sooner than soon! you have such style! i love it! (and how the little buttons dance when you mouse over them, how adorable is that?)

kudos to hugh and you! :)

Cin said...

it looks great, congratulations !