Saturday, July 30, 2005

congratulations to amy & nick!

my sweet friends are getting married today. sadly, i couldn't swing a plane ticket to seattle after all my other travels. these 2 are the most creative and musical pair & i'm so upset to be missing their day! they play in a band together called the church animals with just the two of them dressed up in security gaurd uniforms (or something like that) and a can of beans dressed up in a tie, and it is brilliant. i wish them heaps of love & happiness today and always! xxoxoxoxo (i hope it's ok that i'm using their cute mugs for my blog without their permission, but they are so darn cute!)


jenny vorwaller said...

hey! today is a great day to get married! my honey and i are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary today! :O) best wishes to a cute looking pair!

boku said...

lordy be, amy and nick are indeed an adorable couple! it just makes me SICK how CUTE they are. my word!!! :P

i actually had a bout of seattle nostalgia upon your entry about them and their creative endeavors.

and yes, jenny, it IS a great day to get married, but, frankly, i'd be a great day for a date too. JUST a friendly hot date. is that asking for too much? ;)

JR said...

The wedding was awesome, gorgeous, stunning, and full of love and mischief. You, my dear, were solely missed. BTW this time Seattle was H.O.T.T.T. What a difference the sun makes.

mati rose said...

hee, boku we gotta find you a hot date;)

K. said...

What a small funny world. I came across your journal through a journal of a friend of mine and links and twists and turns - and here you are posting about a wedding that I attended! It was so so beautiful. My heart feels a little bruised by how lovely it was.
I have been wanting to say how much I like your work and hear every word you say about making your way through the world trying to keep your creativity and your bank balance intact...

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