Monday, August 08, 2005

5 idios...

Me Cozy tagged me and now I tag 5 more: Meredith, Jessie, Stef, Laurel & Andrea

idiosyncrasy - a structural or behavioural characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

1. I hold my pen funny. Hugh says it's as if I only just picked one up... "Ahh, what's this peculiar object? How does it work?" My first grade teacher Mrs. Rodis tried to correct me, but I refused to change my grip. I'm also bad with chopsticks.
2. I bite my thumb... when I am thinking, nervous or watching a movie, or even sometimes I catch myself biting while riding my bike because I like to multi-task.
3. I sneeze multiply and like a cat or hamster. Do hamsters sneeze? My record has been 18 times.
4. I like sliding piles of very important documents.
5. My belly often shows because I have a long torso. I hate that people think that I like to show off my belly. I try to wear undershirts.


shash said...

hehe! thanks for playing. those are funny. :-)

Meredith said...

I sneeze like that too! funny.

laurel said...

uh oh, im a multiple sneezing (little cat sneezes), long torsoed, belly showing innapropriate-holder of pencils, too! i hold mine against my ring finger instead of middle , andy makes fun of me and says it looks like a little monkey fist.
but i should come up with my own....
1. if a glass is sitting too close to the edge of a table or counter i HAVE to push it in to safety.
2. i am absolutely appalled by toothbrush sharing even though i know other people are fine with it. ugh.
3. if i really like my food i eat with one hand and hold up the other unconsciously scrunched up in a fist near my plate out of excitement
4. i can write backwards in cursive with my left hand easier than i can write forwards with it.
5. i really like to escape from my partner at the supermarket and go sniff soaps and lotions (usually only at hippy supermarkets, though) until they catch me and make me go back to the grocery list. boyfriends never let me leave their side at stores anymore because i wander off.

maria said...

love this list!!!! :) mav

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