Wednesday, August 10, 2005 how i feel


today is my one day "off" from work and i'm silk screening for the granola lady again and the screen is bleeding and i keep washing it off and trying again and now i have to go re-burn the screen:(

i'm going to paint over this painting, or parts, but this fit my mood.

no fun.

some days are like that.

my back hurts. i need to do yoga.

i need to mop my kitchen floor again and again and it never gets clean and hugh never tries...errr

i need to switch the laundry and get whistled at by the men at the grocery store hanging out on milk crates all day.

i have to say that i did have a good restful and indulgent night last night all by myself watching sex in the city, drinking red wine and eating a peppermint patty. yep, i needed that.

tonight i see my dear college friends kendra & jessie for some good conversation, plantains perhaps and hibiscus margaritas at my favorite senegalese neighborhood bar.

things could be far worse, i'm just cranky like this lil' bird.


jenny vorwaller said...

hopefully your night with friends will get out the crankies! (and sometimes those are so necessary, huh?)

maria said...

sounds like a night with friends is just what you needed ... some days we just have to be cranky. this is life! be well as the week comes to an end... mav

isa's memories said...

My gosh, you are so good, plus I love birds so much! wow! im isabelle from Canada! Good day!

Anonymous said...

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Meredith said...

plus you got comment spammed like I did! Well, yours is much more strange. Sorry about the messed up screen. I know how you feel.

srb said...

Wish i could have been with y'all over hibiscus margs. I just saw those girls and boy was it nice nice. I love the word cranky, though I don't like the feeling much.

Cin said...

love the painting, whatever the mood, your birds are the best