Thursday, August 18, 2005

notice anything different?

I changed the color! I was tired of the pink. I hope it's not boring!

Plus, I updated some links, including some handmade/DIY shopping opps under handmade loves... I know there are tons more, but these are my faves.

OK, I'm slow technically...

Question 1: Does anyone know how to add designs/pictures to my blog?
Question 2: Does anyone know how to add link buttons? Illustration Friday & I Shop DIY for example?

THANK YOU to anyone who can help me:)


jenny vorwaller said...

i love it! i dont knoiw how to help ya, but i like the new white, clean, crisp, like cotton! :D

krissy said...

hi, i *might* be able to help you, but i have to warn you that i'm a technical idiot. i do not know any html AT ALL.

all i did was go into the TEMPLATE tab. now, on my particular template i had to scroll down to almost the bottom quarter of all that html script mumble-jumble. the weird thing is that on my template there was a spot on the sidebar that came with the heading "links" and then there were about 3 default links listed (i think they said "edit-me" or something like that). well, all i did was edit that html in the template and replace it with what i wanted.

***gah, blogger won't let me post html-looking code. email me at indiegurl at hot mail dot com if you want me to send you an example of the html code you need to replace in your template.

if you have deleted the default "dummy links" that came with your template, i'd try to reload your template so they come up again. then you can just follow their html & plug in the url & words you want...

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