Tuesday, August 16, 2005

self tuesday with sister in tow

I am moving my studio while some renovations take place and have this picture hanging on my clothesline of inspiration.

This is Jesse Elizabeth (on the left and me on the right), we are 2 weeks apart and were coincidentally born in the same hospital room! Our parents (her dad & my mom) met at the food co-op when we were 5 and married when we were 7! I'm writing a kid's book about our growing up because we were initially so different-- she a tom boy, dukes of hazzards loving (and lunch box toting) firey little one. I was shy and had long hair and liked little house on the prarie (that was my lunch box, too!).

Anyhow this picture captures us with the same mary lou retton hair cuts (go early 80's childhoods!) and a t-shirt over my bathing suit. I love how we're sharing, probably candy, and how excited Jesse is! I also love how I can imagine us walking in the woods, so calm, on our way to the brook in Nova Scotia. It is also cute for me to imagine our parents snapping this shot:)

I miss sharing all my days with you Jesse xoxox


maria said...

so cute!! i love the short shorts...
: ) mav

shash said...

that is the cutest photo and you look so similar now to how you did then (minus the hair)! what a sweet story. sounds like fun to
"get" a sybling like that!

Jesse said...

What a sweet sight to come into on this Wednesday morning! I love how I probably ate all my candy and then pouted until you gave me some, and then acted so excited about it. I can't wait until we have little ones to take on trips!!

Stef said...

i love this photo - it reminds me of the photos of my sis's and me...those early days of wandering around with t-shirts and swimsuits and enjoying the summers!!