Tuesday, August 23, 2005

which is the real mati?

it's self p tuesday...
which one is real?
this is a painting that my art school friend christina empedocles did of me! i've never had my portrait painted. very neat!
ms. empedocles is in nyc right now subletting and soaking up galleries... so so very jealous!

i was trying to copy myself:)
some say i look a little stepford wives in this painting.
others say when i purse my lips like this i look mean.
my hair was winter red-brown and short.
now i am blonde and hidden pink and pony tailable.

we traded.
this is mine:

i sure got the better deal!


Kim Carney said...

Very cool! I like the self portrait, It reminds me someone did one of me in school. Must find that.

Cin said...

I'd say you both got a good deal. . .your colors are great