Friday, October 28, 2005


grateful friday rears its' head again, even when i'm sniffly.

i am grateful i'm feeling better.

i am grateful i am in love, and all that that includes.

i am grateful for junky movies and falling asleep on the couch to them.

i am grateful for you kind readers.

i am grateful for my favorite holiday coming up-- day of the dead!

i am grateful fo always knowing where things are when hugh asks me... a female trait?

i am grateful for a mom who patiently listens as i babble on the phone about my classes and all the minutae of my day.

i am grateful for a best friend who does the same and cracks me up with her stories!

i am grateful for fava beans that spell nice things (written to hugh after not seeing him for days).


la vie en rose said...

great list and i love the fava bean sweet and creative. Sending you well wishes!

amanda said...

i love the sweet!

Stef said...

you crack me up deary!

glad you're feeling better....

take care of yourself :)


jenny vorwaller said...

yay for spelling things with beans!

and grateful fridays are inspiring me to do a while month of them in november...everyday :)

tania said...

i love grateful fridays

glad you are feeling better.

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