Tuesday, October 25, 2005

mini vacation

today i took one.

i will stop blogging and vacationing when hugh gets up from his nap:)

i had breakfast at the amazing (and sometimes i admit mockable when i step into my east coast sensibility!) raw food place on the corner aptly named "cafe gratitude". it's a bit pricey so even tho it's so close i rarely treat myself. i had a big shiny table all to myself for sketching. a gigantic mocha and a fruit salad with their special raw granola that is cinnamony sweet. soooo yummy.

the waitress asked me what i was grateful for... little did she know i've been trying to ask myself this often, as seen in the posts below. immediately i was grateful for the breakfast treat, and so i asked her back. she thought for a moment and said that she was grateful for the shift in her relationship with her mom and how she is being treated as more of a peer. such good honesty and i guess she gets practice.

my friend kerry happened to come and joined me and such a wonderful catch-up. we witnessed the staff singing full out "you say it's your birthday" and they were dancing ALL OUT with such genuine enjoyment that it made my face hurt from smiling. i guess you had to be there... it was breakfast time and a funny time to bust out the dance moves.

But it doesn't stop there! I took myself to a hot tub spa in the Mission and soaked and sauned and lay in a little pocket of sun outside and even went in the cold plunge, twice. i never do that... i'm much more of a put a toe in slowly and then decide at knee deep it's too cold.

now i must start my homework and wakeup my boy and get ready for work tonight, but i'm so glad i took care of myself today. a much needed rejuvenation.


la vie en rose said...

Good for you for taking the time for yourself. You certainly deserve it. The breakfast sounds like a wonderful time. I wonder what our world would be like if we had more restaurants that asked us what we were grateful for? What a great concept.

penelope said...

Wow! I need a day like that!