Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ambitious but great wedding idea

a inspiring risa pointed out carson ellis' website who does the art for the decemberists and i noticed these great table cards. aren't they neat? i think if we paced ourselves hugh and i could come up with a set. or maybe we could contact carson to borrow hers. or maybe just use art we've already made is easiest.

the things we look forward to most in our wedding:
making our invites
the honeymoon
the guests, of course
making a cd mix of love songs... i've bookmarked a few in my mind already
AND now making the table cards:)
and i'm sure the smooching and ceremony will be great, too


Jesse said...

You should use your own art!! Stuff you already have, and write a little blurb at each table about the piece is, what it might be for, etc. THAT would be so nice and fun and everyone would be going from table to table to see all the art!

la vie en rose said...

yes, you should do this. it would be your own personal touch. i went to a wedding that gave all the guests a cd of their favorite love songs and i thought that was the best idea ever.

risa said...

when we got married it was the stuff we did ourselves that ended up being the most memorable. but there is also something to be said for not always taking the most time-consuming route. me thinks art you already have would be a great in between.