Monday, November 07, 2005

break out nation!

all of a sudden i have little bumps all over my face... of the teenage variety!
it could be because:

a) the white face paint below
b) the halloween chocolate... another bag left from my bookgroup... very bad
c) charcoal i rub all over my face during drawing class
d) i just switched face lotion-- from zia to the too expensive and now probably making me break outtttt dr. hauska (has anyone tried this one?)
e) stress
f) maybe b/c i'm going to a wedding this weekend where a celeb crush of gwenyth paltrow may be present
g) or b/c we went to look at yet another wedding place yesterday (file that under stress)
h) or perhaps b/c i have a painting due in less than 3 hours with a kid's book publisher and one of my fave illustrators-- grady mcferrin-- is coming to crit (ditto for stress)
i) or is it because i'm turning 30 in a month and i'm getting late onset acne in exchange for having clear skin during highschool? darnit!

mmm... m&m's sure are delicious. especially the green ones.
maybe i can only see my new blemishes. yep, that's it.


la vie en rose said...

oh girlfriend, i have no acne advice for you

jenny vorwaller said...

heh. green m& out hugh!

ok. magical acne potion (yes!) cetaphil gently slather over face, then use some baking soda mixed with a tad bit of lukewarm water to exfiolate, rinse and ta-da!

i promise. :)

Jesse said...

What will you wear to the Gwennie wedding? That's very exciting. I am sure things will clear up and you will be fab! That magical potion shoulds like a winner. Have fun with all of those exciting going ons and stay calm if you can!

shash said...

you forgot the weather change. i am breaking out too and that's what i'm blaming it on. that and stress.
have fun at the wedding.

tania said...

super congrats on the kids book illo!!!!