Sunday, December 11, 2005

lucky girl

bride fairy
i feel like the luckiest. not only was my joint birthday party with sabrina wonderful for all the amazing people that came... a fire in a wheel-barrow, sab's unbearably beautiful home, studio and magical garden, a chocolate cake and oalliberry pie, babies kadison & sam and friends and family from all parts of my life and sabrina's, but people were so generous.

thank you for all of my fabulous & thoughtful birthday gifts!

a special call out to fellow bloggers, maybe it will inspire some x-mas shopping for you others:)

from shash: kiki the bear (kiki has a plum knit sweater vest and a little note that says she has been waiting all week to meet me!)

from andrea: superhero boy briefs... so much secret power there to use during finals week!

from stef: a beautiful handmade by stef collage card and colombian bracelet and this lotta journal:)

from my studio mate lolo: much needed stylish organizing folders... can't find the website, but good gift idea for the messy, she sees the worst of this side of me!

and from many more i received my favorites of chocolate (emily strange chocolate, too!), smelly good soap, candles, flowers, graphic novels-- this cool one by brian biggs from ali, an aloe vera plant (monisha didn't even know about my aforementioned bug bites!), a gift card to the art store from hugh's sisters!!!... people know me so well!

from my hugh: this amazing camille rose garcia book and cut paper calendar by Nikki McClure.

no specific link to, but from my kate wc: amazing and now my favorite elegant 8o's earrings we spotted months ago together and she remembered!

from my parents (it finally arrived in the mail, mom!): beautiful wabi sabi ceramic vase with lavendar inside, how appropriate!

from my cousin jamie yesterday in the mail: the above doodle fairy, lunar calendar that she illustrates and an aaron meshon pin, i do believe:)

it was all and all very wabi-sabi (monica even spilled some red wine on herself as requested in the invite!). pre-party sabrina and i were frantic and distracted; cleaning like mad women-- moving tables that were getting stuck in doorways, catching scarves on fire, and feeling basically overwhelmed, but we pulled it together and let the night unfold... even if i was still a bit wishing i could take every single person into a corner to talk to the them specifically for 2 hours one on one, but it was only for 2 minutes... it was so nice to see everyone's faces and be surrounded. thank you. and for the friends who didn't make it, we'll hang out soon!


Stef said...

it was a beutiful night and I'm so happy that you enjoyed yourself for what it was :) Happy birthday to you sweetie


anj said...

What a colorful post. Sounds like you had a smashing time! Lovely gifts, you lucky gal :)

la vie en rose said...

what a glorious celebration!