Tuesday, December 13, 2005

self-portrait tuesday: reflection

i practice amateur photography to figure out cropping. it helps so much with drawing to use this muscle. i took this in the bathroom mirror and like the way i look and feel askew during finals (i got my little vintage shiny necklace to make me feel better tho). off to the studio-- i just laid out all my charcoal drawings for a class, perhaps i'll take a picture:)


mati rose said...

ps- that's a bandaid on my finger, not a growth:)

anj said...

pretty lady, pretty necklace! ooo, charcoal drawings. would love to see them, if you're willing to share a glimpse. do you like working in charcoal? i've been wanting to try. right now i'm playing with pastels, and boy does that get my fingers colorfully soiled... like pink and blue and yellow cheetos finger stains... except I wouldn't dare licking those fingers clean. nuh-uh. :)

hope you're faring well during finals time

la vie en rose said...

great pic and i do love the necklace.