Monday, January 23, 2006

delicious sky and baby nate

uncle hugh

this weekend was the first before school really took off and one of the last at my job and i felt so free and easy. already this monday i am feeling more stressed. i want to remember the earlier feeling...i'm making a mess with this anise biscotti as i type. i picked up the crumbly sweet at a little italian market in my hood where they make their own ravioli and have an old fashioned cash regsiter made of intricate metal and fresh racks of pan pizza and pesto tempting me. can you imagine it?

i'm feeling blessed of a weekend full of bike rides, beautiful skies on the BART ride over, family-baby time with hugh's newest nephew nate and niece nora (i feel reluctant about posting full face pics, but i wish you could see because they are the cutest blondest blue eyed adorable children)... an incredible art show, talking to spring's stylish & spirited little girl Djuna, being silly over pho with sab and our boys, an amazing dinner at kate (a former chef) & sean's, finding the perfect mole (mo-lay, not the animal) tacos in Berkeley and silk screening baby onsies at midnight with hugh:)

ps- there is a very accomplished and famous actress in my painting class. i'm a bit star struck!


kelly said...

sounds like the perfect weekend. i am dying to buy the vintage pink schwinn at our local bike shop. spring is just around the corner and i love to ride a bike. thanks
for your kind words about gavin. i am doing better than i thought

happy tuesday!

la vie en rose said...

what an incredible weekend. and soon you'll be settled into the new school year and the stress will melt away.

ArtsyMama said...

Of course we're all wondering...WHO is in your class? Hope you enjoy it!

mati rose said...

i know it's mean of me, for some reason i think she'll read my blog... ha ha! her name is michelle phiffer people. she is beautiful and cute and i cannot wait to have my paintings critiqued by her.