Tuesday, January 17, 2006

thrilling~soaring~on the brink of moments

*my first green bubble tea
*riding on the back of hugh's bicycle... feeling safe, but hoping he missed the potholes, and he did!
*sending out my business registration, pictured above! put an extra stamp on just in case;)
*all these sweet etsy orders and encouragement
*school starting tomorrow... i always get a nervous excited stomach
*hearing jay ryan, a favorite rock poster artist speak, and feeling inspired to JUST DO IT your own way
*getting through my list of 5's below
*escaping with the BBC's Dr Zhivago with Keira Knightly and loving the look of Russian fashion {shallow in the face of the tragic story!}
*peace and quiet! no hammering today in the studio
*sending out my mix to my ladies of the swap and listening to it on repeat... sad & beautiful to me.
*reading the stories of that amazing retreatand dreaming of participating or organizing an artist retreat myself!
*buying my first bridal magazine and getting ideas...wanting it to be still me.
*much talk of our upcoming school show and new blank panels made and waiting.
*QUITTING my job at the restaurant and being pleasantly surprised that in doing so it turns into a curating position for the gallery part of the restaurant!


mati rose said...

you know what's a little strange... commenting to myself is... but for the record, i quit my job last year at a different restaurant exactly a year ago. magic.

kelly said...

great list mati! sounds like there is a lot of excitement and opportunity surrounding you. and
as far as your wedding - let it all be you. weddings are such a raquet and i do invitations, but it always amazes me how wrapped up one can get in the hoopla. bryce and i had a beautiful wedding. i walked down the aisle to the beatles [in my life] accoustic. it rocked!

penelope said...

Mati, You are an amazing person. I love reading your thoughts. :)

anj said...

fabulous list. so excited for all your firsts! (I'd love to get in on that CD mix swap.)

la vie en rose said...

new curating position?! how cool! i've been reading the retreat stories too...makes me long for a group of friends like that.

Goddess of Leonie said...

stunning stunning stunning.
so many of your dot points resonate with me today.
* i absolutely dig your etsy store ~ i was miandering through their yesterday in such delight!
* business registration ~ i'm in the process of setting up my own art business as well (www.leonielife.com). isn't it an awesome moment?
* hammering in the studio: mondays are my official studio days and the last few have been disturbed by the sound of neighbours constructing a deck very loudly. i am very much looking forward to a monday art day filled only with the sound of my own music and the brush of paint on canvas.
* tea: on my desk i have some honey crysanthemum tea. first ever. when i finish this, i will go make myself one. first ever. :) i just love firsts!
* retreat: i too am completely inspired and in awe of this. have a goddess retreat planned already in march with friends, am thinking of turning it into a creative, laughing, sharing fiasco of extravagent proportions. :)

blessings to you hon~
love and laughter

Stef said...

awesome!! Things are happening for you and you are making them happen!

hip hip horray!!!

liz elayne said...

your posts are always such an inspiration mati...love the image of being on the brink of moments.