Tuesday, February 07, 2006

noticing all things blog

* that by adding all these beautiful links i feel overwhelmed to check them all! i need to organize the ones i check daily up top. i have difficulties with hierarchy sometimes and it makes me panic.
* the cherry blossoms are turning deeper pink and it makes me want to change my background screen to pink.
* i am meeting 2 lovely bloggers today: amanda & lisa! MOMA + H&M we will go!
* i wish to change my blog so that i can put the books i'm reading, music i'm listening to, and make my type smaller... can i do this in blogger or do i need typepad? cuter and better is how i'm feeling my blog should look:)


gkgirl said...

oh my goodness
i so want the answer to the
same question regarding changing
my blog to include those things...
i'll be watching for the answers
you get, heehee


la vie en rose said...

i see some bloggers that have a cute book icon on their blog but i have no idea how to make that happen.

Tricia said...

Here is an article on how to change your fonts: blogger help

If you have any questions I can probably help you.

Tricia said...

Also, I think most people add their music and books with All Consuming.

dani said...

i can't believe you know how to make the nackground colour green let alone change it to another colour. sorry can't help.

and love your artworks!!!!

kristen said...

I left Blogger for Typepad for those exact reasons. Not that I expect anyone to gain major wisdom from my lousy blog but I just wanted something cool to play with!

jenny vorwaller said...

i use wordpress and love to change it all the time :)
and all consuming is my mode of music/reading list too...easy peasy they make it for you!

im sooo jealous that you are meeting up with fellow bloggers! someday soon...