Thursday, February 16, 2006

Suspect Shoppe update & etsy &hearts!

First, I love etsy!!! There is so much handmade goodness out there! I have met so many charming people. Namely Andrea of Charming Darling. Check out this beautiful charm bracelet I received yesterday in the mail, perfect treat after a long day of class:

To those who have bought my art, thank you so much, it makes me giddy to be able to send my art out to people, and then it floors me when they say nice things and actually like it in person! Thank you thank you thank you. Am i a bit caffienated and effusive today? yep. Thank you Risa and Shari specifically.

There are some new items in my shop... like so, originals and such:

the original "blooming piece"-

little kid's shirt TOO big for silly Hugh-
little chick is too small for H


OK, is it funny that i call my shoppe "Suspect" after a pink pirate cat? This particular image started with a line of undies that I sillk-screened for my first art show as a novelty, but the history is that when i was in 2nd grade i learned how to draw a cat from mrs. gray who demonstrated to us how to break up the cat proportionally with lines down it's face {the power of teachers!}. lesson learned: it's easy to draw when you break it up, but i started drawing these cats obsessively and never erased the lines... i still think it looks good. i found a notebook where i drew these cats and funny creatures like moths who were ugly little fellas. i want to get back to that place of free, uninhibited play and creation with my art! expect to see some ugly moths in my future. the eye patch got added with the pirate name, i'm so often correcting... not mati, like hat, but pronounced matey like ship mate:)


Shari said...

aww, mati, you're the best. I love "Swoon". It is so beautiful. "Spooning love birds" makes me smile each day. Thank you thank you thank you.

xoxo Shari

PS: Have you seen Leslie Shiels' moth paintings? Tres interesting!

risa said...

i agree with shari 100%! i sent you out a little package this morning so look out for it...and how cute is hugh?
ps-i love the idea of a pirate cat and i love the story behind it.

kelly rae said...

i love your work. your colors are amazing and your illustrations are so cute and sweet! i wish the Blooming Piece was still available!

Anonymous said...

Love your work and particularly the piece "Swooning Birds" I think it's called.Thank you for sharing with the world !