Wednesday, February 01, 2006

today is rainy


this postcard above is for our group show. if you would like one sent to you via snail mail please email your address to: matimcd at hotmail dot com, and i will put you on my mailing list.

last night i had my last night of waitressing, maybe ever? and i blew out all of the candles on the tables like a million wishes.
please. my co-worker said in a very SF way: "the universe will provide". and in walked in a friend with money for a painting not, but a second later. magic.

recipe for feeling good today:

-mighty leaf african nectar tea
-re-visiting natalie merchant
-1.99 peach lip gloss that makes all the difference
-gessoing my painting surfaces dreaming of images appearing by themselves
-fish tacos with black beans & guacamole and a strawberry drink


christine said...

i love mighty leaf tea! i'm drinking vanilla bean right now, trying desperately to wake up, to get up, to cheer up.

kelly said...

ohhh....i wish i could come to the show. enjoy!


anj said...

lovely post card. break a leg at the show! yay for revisiting merchant. she's been a favorite of mine since high school. i've never tried fish tacos. i should try them some time. mighty leaf tea, eh? hmm, can't join ya there... I'm partial to Inspired Brew *tongue in cheek and a wink*

Shell said...

Congratulations on your exhibition - wish I could see your work in person but a trip overseas would be a little extravagant! And your friend was right - the universe will provide - At least, this is my future hope too. No harm in trying to find out I say. Good luck with the exhibition, I hope it goes exceedingly well!

la vie en rose said...

i love ms. natalie. she is one of my all time favorite musicians.