Monday, March 27, 2006

italian soap & paper

make me really want to take a trip there, jenny! it doesn't help that i'm reading frances mayes' "under a tuscan sun".
italian soap
italian paper


shash said...

i have that same soap dish but round! i completely appreciate your last post btw. i am the same way in regard to goals. thanks for sharing.

lisa s said...

love both that soap and the paper! :)

la vie en rose said...


jenny vorwaller said...


im tearing up AGAIN! YOU DO THAT SO WELL! (oops, all caps sorry!) i sooo wish that you were coming was fun to think of it!

and i just got a silly email saying that there were 2more cancellations!

serious, i wouldn't be going if it were on my own pocketbook....i will have you there in spirit.

my heart breaks thinking of all the beautiful imagery in italy, i'm in the middle of FOUR nonfiction novels like tuscan sun and dying to go and im going! does that make sense? i know it will come and go and ill reutrn to home and have a beauty hangOVER afterwards.

can i just bring italy to cali? why does it have to be so far away?

sniff ... sniff ...