Thursday, March 30, 2006


maggie dayton
i thought instead of obsessing about art, i should share some that i've created. i had a bad day of not getting much intended painting done, but i actually do like the melancholy aspect of this piece of a girl named maggie dayton, based on my friend's band "the church animals". i think it's the rain that is making me feel blue. go away rain! and taxes. and a job search. and feeling confused about school path.

tonight is a soup night, i must track some down.

it is also a night for girly comforts borrowed from hugh's sisters:
the complete volume of sex & the city
the A&E pride and predjudice (again!)

and mint chip (soy for my boy) ice cream
cozyness... we skipped out on a concert tonight of "the national" b/c we are getting old and they are not playing until 11pm!
and blogging to my heart's content


Anonymous said...

Your work is lovely.

Your search is familiar. Have you found anyone whose work/job is somewhere you want to go?

As an older person, I must say, there is a disadvantage in spending too much time deciding on a direction. You lose time and opportunity. It is important to hone and build your skills in a direction you wish to go. One of my buddhist teachers phrased it this way: "Take one seat." Set your path. Change it later if need be...but decide and move forward.

Find persons that are doing things that interest you and ask lots of questions about how they got there. Be certain to ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of their situation and what would they change.

You need outside input to help with the internal decision making.

Warm wishes,

Jesse said...

maggie looks like you!

shash said...

i really like this painting! going to try to see your show again today. hopefully will make it inside tripych today!

mati rose said...

thank you katherine for your insight. i'm wondering if you are an artist, too? i went through a huge cycle of asking questions of illustrators and thought that was what i wanted to do... pre applying for school, now i do need to revisit these questions with my increased knowledge. and yes, i need to take a seat:)

ps- i am older (30), but honestly have never been one for super late shows!

jesse, often when i paint people they do, i heard that's common with other artists too:) funny!


risa said...

the first thing i thought was also that she looks like you! she is very lovely. and mati, i totally know where you are coming from with the later concert thing! this happens to jordan and i all the time...we plan to go to some performance and then end up watching a movie at home.

jerusha said...

i love that we are not the only homebodies! i used to love the energy of late concerts, now i just get sleepy!

la vie en rose said...

i love the words you added to her scarf!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Mati,

I have been checking on you. I am sorry to have missed your show. I do love what I can see of your paintings in your postings.

I think it is extremely challenging to put together a life as an artist and make a living. It requires creativity just as the artwork does.

...and 30 is still very y-o-u-n-g!

What is the perfect work in your mind? Why?

Would you be willing to write about what you learned about various disciplines from talking to persons (before you returned to school) and what you would be interested in learning now?

Warm wishes to you,
Katherine Tillotson

mati rose said...

oh THAT katherine:) you are/were such an inspiration and helpful to getting a feel for the feel when i first was testing the waters! thank you for that. good advice... i would love to write what i learned from various disciplines (it actually is a book i'm thinking of writing!).
thank you,

pinkcoyote said...

your painting is so bright and beautiful. i loved the art tour through your home. must be the voyeur in me! xoxo pix