Monday, April 03, 2006

all yellow

yellow dress
lemon curd
me cozy's color challange:
1. mission street lantern
2. vintage dress i've never worn, but keep because i like the pattern
3. meyer lemon curd made from hugh's mom's lemon tree from San Diego


laurel said...

tasty tasty meyer lemon curd - thank you for our jar!

jenny vorwaller said...

i love that you keep that dress. ;)

Shari said...

lovely bits of yellow in your home. lemon curd is a favorite treat of mine...on scones with tea. :) xo, shari

Abigail said...

Love that wonder you keep it, such a thing of beauty!!

Lemon curd..yum!! Is it homemade??..looks tasty :) xx

shash said...

been meaning to comment for the longest time that i like your (not so new anymore) banner. i like that drawing and the cursive. :-)