Wednesday, April 05, 2006

good morning green kitchen

green sugar & lime on green table
green cups
green trees
green mitt
light green salt & pepper
s & p's
(the green birds live here, amongst friends)


jerusha said...

i love them all in a row like this, set off against the aqua blue background. lovely lovely :)

la vie en rose said...


amanda woodward said...

tons of things I want to say now that I've been relooking through your blog for the past half hour.

First off, I MISS YOU.

Secondly! I love all the paintings that you've posted recently, they are just wonderful! And all the green stuff of today is great! Congrats on the new baby in your family! Anddddddd I like you very much! :D I'm glad I just got to re-discover your life during my lunch break...haha

Goddess of Leonie said...

absolutely stunning.

i love your house, your nick nacks, and your YOU ness.

kelly said...

i have a green kitchen too!
apple and asparagus. it has
a red and white tile floor.
i love it. i love yours too.
oh so happy!

lisa said...

that is so weird. i posted the same card today.

Scott said...

Wow, I love the lime photo! And I forgot to post my green yesterday, dang.

Shari said...

i just love your green kitchen mati!

Swirly said...

Love those birds!!!