Friday, June 16, 2006

blue yesterday= a walk today

blue taco truck accents
blue lunch bag
blue sf
blue treat

blue is my favorite family of color. ocean, sky, eyes... my painting teacher linda said that people with blue eyes seem to respond to blue more?! delicious calming blues. i want to swallow you up.


Meredith said...

wow, such pretty blues!

Anonymous said...

such great pics for color week! love that bag :)

shash said...

i love the colors in the houses pic.

Shari said...

love your blue photos. blue is my favorite too and i do have blue eyes! :) hope you have a great weekend mati! xo, s

Kim Carney said...

YOur are makin' me homesick ;)

lisa s said...

oh i love these.... great to "catch up!"

we need to make a date too!!

risa said...

i love the top and bottom one best. i haven´t been to SF for years, but you are really making me wanna make a trip!