Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the long weekend...

live your own life
i hope it was restful and fun for y'all. mine was filled with saturday afternoon silk-screening above with the incredible lisa c. don't you love her boots? and her pirate ship mantra "live your own life". so goood. i want one;)

saturday night we went to oakland to our friends kwc & eric's beautiful new home for good eats, and inspiration for re-working our own apartment... which we subsequently spent all of monday switching around rooms and cleaning. broken up with some bollywood (steamy!) music videos and tacos at my co-worker's home. such a sweet mix of people i work with... indian chefs and south american cooks and russian runners... it's all so international. i love it. which is good b/c i worked 12 plus hours sunday.

today was my first day of school! i do still get a nervous excited stomach and woke up really early to walk there and have time for coffee. the class feels promising and rigorous, but in a fun way, and i hope some things solidify for me. i got my very own studio at school... which means it will be so nice to leave work there instead of lugging it back and fourth, but i do feel a bit spoiled with 2 studios!

i hope to share my work soon... open studios is in october already!

hasta luego xo,


katskatryn said...

sounds like a great time! and yeah! for school. good for you. am working on my new studio space in my apartment now, very exciting it is!

Meredith said...

Did you make a print too? Is that your print drying rack?? If so, wow!

I can't wait to see what you've been working on this year.

Shari said...

hi mati!!

oooh! looks like you and lisa had fun. i want one of those pirate ships too.

happy first day of class! my first day is thurs (pottery) and next tues (documentary studies).

looking forward to seeing some new paintings! xox shari

lisa said...

oh, that was such fun. i am going back !!

la vie en rose said...

i always love getting to see your work. it's such a treat, such eye candy.

Anonymous said...

love the first day of school...all the anticipation, reconnecting with friends, new crayons. it's all good.

gracia said...

Your very own studio space - enjoy it!
cheers, g

The Math Ninja said...

i like stiped socks too. Awesome shirt as well.