Wednesday, November 15, 2006

happy birthday to blue hugh

blue hugh
i am shamefully absent from posting and have no excuses except a case of the crazy busyness.

i do want to take a minute out of today to say happy birthday to my dear fiancee hugh. may he always be a kid at heart.


his hair is back to black today. he dyed it to match his halloween costume of his own character creation: professor hendrix.

i am back from boston from my beautiful sister's wedding, and now have only 4 weeks of school left to bust out.

i may or may not be posting, but starting january i'm all over it!

love to yous,


Shari said...

hi sweet mati!
so good to read your post. :) happy bday to his blue hair and that he made up his own costume. cute! good luck finishing up your classes.


Hugh said...

Wow! In addition to coffee and pancakes in bed, plus dinner at Dosa, I got a blog post! This is the best birthday ever! Thanks, baby.

lisa s said...

happy b-day to hugh!!!!

and hi mati..... see you soon??? hope.... xo

lisa said...

i LOVE hugh's hair. and the photo is priceless. i hope you are well...i miss your posts!!

Tiffany said...

Great color! Love it when a guy isn't afraid to go a little crazy w/ the hair! Very cool!


risa said...

feliz cumpleaños hugh! mati, maybe when you are less busy you can post a photo of hugh in his costume? judging by his hair, it must have been great. i look forward to more posts from you. te extraño!

la vie en rose said...

happy, happy birthday hugh!

love to you mati. i've missed you!

Jeanine Huebner said...

I'm back in San Francisco! It would be great to see you soon! Love, Jeanine

jenny vorwaller said...

dearest mati,
i cannot wait until january to read all your lovely posts...

till then!

mwah! mwah!


The Whole Self said...

what a great photo!

Kara B. said...

Hi, Mati! Happy Birthday to YOU!! Miss you tons and hope we can see each other soon. Come visit any time and I'll try to do the same. Hugs and kisses to you on your special day! - Kara