Wednesday, December 20, 2006

banana split for my baby

louis prima is playing the above lyrics. i'm having a wonderfully lazy morning. i can't remember the last time i thought this. i can't believe how weighted down i felt in the last post and how different i feel now with just a few days good sleep and space.

this last semester of school at art school was crazy! on monday we realized that our studios had to be cleared out by noon, not midnight (pm/am... small difference) and my friend deb and i piled a semester's worth of paintings and accumulated crap into the back of her dusty ranchero in record time (i started the process at 11:30 mind you) and peeled out of school like we were the dukes. the question of why do i make all these objects became pathetically obvious?! a semester translates to filling the entire surface area of a truck! later we went out for margaritas to celebrate our feat and ran into the lovely lovely lisa, i love this small city:)

so, hugh and i have decided to put together a xmas eve party, just like my family does. this marks this first year that i won't be going home to maine for christmas and that makes me homesick, but happy not to travel during this frenzied time. so i have plenty of time to prepare for the party and play catch-up with the un-school related parts of my life. mom, i need the bouche de noel recipe i think!

in other news, i dyed my hair red again. i'm noticing a pattern: red in the winter, blonde streaks in the summer. that's what happens when you have mousy brown hair naturally. the grossest part about dying my hair red after hugh dyed his blue is that b/c our bathroom is so tiny we have tie-dyed the toilet seat in patriotic colors. the best part of changing your hair color is that it livens up your entire wardrobe... you have a completely different palatte. pinks and peaches look more beautiful and turquoise is off the hook contrast. when i'm blonde i feel cheezy wearing too much pink. a barbie association? does anyone else have these ridic thoughts?

last night hugh and i had a real date... after months of too many nights of school/work and recently alternating cold/flus. we xmas shopped, had vietnemese pho and saw "the departed" all in a 2 block radius. tonight we're going to get our first tree and maybe go to the sing-a-long version of "grease" at the castro and a party.

i am so happy to have time back! ahhh...

i am planning to apply to a handful of grad schools and get back into painting a series for a girly show i'm having with some lovelies in feb, the above image may be included. i'm so eager to create on my own terms. whatever that means... without people looking over my shoulder and thinking about the upcoming critique i suppose.

it's wonderful to write again here again, dream about future projects on the horizon and to read all your blogs i was so missing.

xxxx happy holidays!



Shari said...

hi mati,
love the new piece. so glad you are relaxing and enjoying a lazy morning. your christmas plans sound fun! hope you enjoy the holidays with hugh. here's to a wonderful 2007! hugs, shari

la vie en rose said...

congrats on finishing up! woo-hoo!

risa said...

i love the new piece too. can we see your new hair. i love the idea of your red and blue toilet seat (even if the colors aren't ideal). :)

jenny vorwaller said...

yes. i steer away from pink. in fact, the only pink i have in my entire wardrobe isn't even a true pink, its more like a light "blush" and its in a striping on a vintage skirt i have! and a matching cardy i found later.

too funny. do you wear red? :)

so nice to have you back :)

kelly rae said...

oh, my! i can't wait to see your lovely creations in person....

kelly said...

what a happy post and ditto on michelles big woohoo! i dig
the mermaid...she rocks!

happy xmas....

gracia said...

Happy hols to you too... Christmas fun and dates too, all with newly reddened locks - enjoy!
take care, g
(And I don't wear certain colours with blonde hair either. Pink with all its Barbie associations holds little appeal to me too. But pink with red - wonderful!)

pinkcoyote said...

mmm i've not been here in too too long. so good to see your work and hear your sweet musings. hope your holidays were fun! new hair makes the holidays so much more lovely..

xoxox p

Tiffany said...

It's so good to see new stuff on your blog! Being crazy busy and having no time just sucks.

I hope your holiday was happy and you'll get to come back to Maine to visit your fam and friends soon!


Love your works, they are just sooo fun and funky and cool!

katherine said...

i'm a little late- but i also love this new piece. . .it's a good combo of your old and new stuff- detailed yet freer. yay for 2007!