Wednesday, January 03, 2007


"Colours have their own distinctive beauty that you have to preserve, just as in music you try to preserve sounds. It is a question of organisation, of finding the arrangement that will keep the beauty and the freshness of the colour".
~ Henri Matisse

beatriz milhazes book cover
beatriz milhazes candy wrapper collage
beatriz milhazes inside a gallery

funny, i dreamt of brazil last night whereby i met beatriz milhazes. she is one of my favorite painters. i love her dedication and defense of the decorative. she makes paintings from layers of plastic that she paints on and then collages, along with candy wrappers. this book is (thank you mom!) is chalk full of interviews with her. another christmas treat was the mammoth new perspectives in painting... there is one for drawing too.

other things that make my heart flutter:

dreaming of a sewing machine i may own one day:
~the idea of making this shirt
~as well as another patchwork quilt inspired by the simplicity of the black apple's

magazine subscriptions and hibernating:
~selvedge ... i had been taking it out from school... no mas.
~marie claire idees... who cares if it's in french?!
~ i cannot believe i don't subscribe to martha (yet).
~my school friends bought me a subscription for my b-day to "new american paintings" and i cannot wait for the first to arrive!
~vogue or lucky would be a guility pleasure as well...any other mag must have suggestions?

~looking for comfortable verging on orthepedic cute shoes for work & life:
eleanor grosh keds
dansko's giselle
looking ahead to summer with worishofer sandals

~i'm loving the birds of my friend katherine from the gleaming lark.

~and just in case you don't read other art/craft blogs please check out the kim family auction that will resume in the next couple days!


* crushed out. from bambi... the animals in the springtime feel this way.


jenny vorwaller said...

i'll have to look into this brasilian artist more...thanks for the mention of her...always on the lookout for south american femail artists while i am here.

ex's and oh's and besos...

(ps. i love your new "dear diary fontage too, our blogs match!)

lisa s said...

i so see a thread between you and beatriz! and oddly i hadn't thought of it before....

i too am a fan.... also like tracey miller - do you know her work? it's more food oriented, but very layered....

happy new year mati!

Jennifer said...

So glad to see you blogging again, Mati! I'm an art neophyte, so it's educational for me to read about what inspires you. Beautiful.

risa said...

i wanna make one of those shirts! i wonder if jordan would notice if one of his went missing?

Erin O. said...

i LOVE worishofer sandals. I've worn these ( for the last 5 years or so, and they're the best!
I'm also a big fan of Onyx - another "old lady" brand, but oh so comfortable and cute to me. here's a link:

sia said...

Thank you for posting the Beatriz Milhazes book! I almost immediately ordered it at my bookstore. Really like your blog!

cheers from Amsterdam