Saturday, March 31, 2007

gratitude: NYC & 1st class


i'm up at the crack of dawn on a saturday morn... so un-mati like, making calls to NYC for appointments to try on wedding dresses! yes, i leave sunday night for a week in NYC to meet up with 2 of my best friends and my mom... part of which will be filled searching for a beautiful (and affordable) dress. i made an appointment at vera wang just for kicks. i feel absurdly lucky to see my favorite ladies in one fell swoop.

come draw with us!
i'm also excited about our very first "beehive studios" drawing and painting class. we set-up at my co-teacher deb's home (see above) and focused on memory in writing and drawing...using several prompts, an example of which would be to write about "your first record" we delved in. remember mine: "free to be you and me"? i always got out of the library and played on my lil' fisher price.

anyway, thank you so much stef for coming my dear. my inspiration to blog. she even blogged before blogger, no-suh!

the day is young and i have a lot to do.

let me know if you have any art gallery/show or wedding dress sample sales in the NYC area to recommend please!

m. rose


kelly rae said...

mati rose,
have a wonderful time in nyc! not quite home yet from artfest, but let's connect when we're both back home!!

and i can't wait to come to the next beehive collective class!


Sam said...

How fun. Hope you enjoy every minute of it!


jenny vorwaller said...

! i remember trying on dresses....what i didn't expect was what they say is true...once you try on the right one, you just know it's the one! (kind of like the guy, teehee.)

have fun! xoxo

santha said...

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posy press said...

have a great time in nyc and good luck finding 'the' dress! It's so fun trying them all on! {i had the same 'free to be you and me' album!} xo, amy

la vie en rose said...

have fun mati!

beth said...

The museum of american folk art is a must, across from MOMA. Have fun ( new to your blog,love the work)

Frida said...

ohhhh, that set up for your beehive collective class looks deliciously inviting. i am having a wonderful time exploring what I fun I can have with journals and sketchpads by myself here in Afghanistan, but I would looooove to do this with some folks like you.

Have a great time in NYC and I wish you wedding dress karma (i'm still thinking about the way you guys thought about environmental issues when planning your wedding and i think for that kind of considerateness you should get the dress of you dreams).

Isabel & Sauveur said...

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