Thursday, July 05, 2007

summertime swap

postcard swap set 1

i'm be-lated with getting my postcards out for hula 70's swap (i didn't make 77 like andrea! so have less of an excuse!) mine was, nothing. else. before. our. show!

and yesterday morning, and the night before, i had a wonderful time making them. i brought my collage materials into our living room from my studio while we watched a movie (a creepy movie i don't recommend, don't even want to give it blogtime). i have a serious messy track record for collage, so this was gracious of hugh to not bat an eye.

the next morning i was excited to wake up, make some bacon & eggs, coffee and get back to it. glue on my fingers, vintage (circa 1946)photos to imagine narratives to, Jonathan Richmanon my itunes and hugh to keep me company reading the paper on his laptop.

i wish all of my art-makin' was done under such pleasure. no sweat and tears of deadlines and hopes of making a giant masterpiece. merely a 4x6 piece of cardboard and beautiful paper. i had 2 rules: each postcard must include a vintage photo and a silk-screened boat of mine, but every one can be wildly different apart from that, but with the intention of making them equal... meaning if i used a really good photo on one (like the one that has disappearing faces), i had to use really special paper on the other to balance them out. do you play these games of equality between artwork when you create? i love that the really good photos and paper are obvious to me, but completely subjective:) see them all of mine here. and others here!

i love collage. i love that it is recycling. i love that it plays with composition, color and imagery with such ease. i love that it free associates and mixes genres. i love that anyone can do it!



Susannah said...

oh my, these are gorgeous! i am now kicking myself for not joining in on Andrea's swap :-)

andrea said...

oh mati-- these are fantastic. and I can't WAIT to receive one.

so funny, because I made up little rules for my cards too! each one had to have at least one piece from these old paper daisy placemats I had. and I also tried very hard to include original photography in each collage (though that one was harder to stick to). and oh, I know, I know-- I love that it's a small 4x6 piece of work, it feels very doable, not at all intimidating. I wonder why I don't just make a whole wall of these cards for myself! just might have to do that.

happy summer to you! xo

shari said...

love these mati! xox ps: happy weekend.

Liivia said...

I like these very very much!

Elin said...

Hey, hey, hey. I got mine today and it is awesome! Thanks.

Amanda said...

these are absolutely fabulous!!!
i love them all:)

Swirly said...

...and I love your work!