Saturday, August 11, 2007

going to the chapel... well, really a meadow


we just got back from the "hairspray" sing-a-long and i'm feeling cheery! i love the 60's dresses and just needed time with hugh that was light and an escape from all the logistics of wedding planning. officially a 2 week count-down!

tomorrow we have a dance lessons... i have grand visions of what we can accomplish, but will suffice with a simple dip.

here are just a few pics of a most generous trip and shower planned by my dear sister jesse, best childhood friend bekah and wonderful college roomate kate. thank you! they whisked me away to Big Sur last week for a couple days to camp, merely a sleeping spot, while we dined out every meal;) and we screamed bloody murder (twice) out of fear of... coyotes? and on accident i pressed the panic button at oh 3 am of the rental car waking up the entire camp site. i'm certain our neighbors loved us.

anyway, here is the belle of the ball, my niece (to be) lily at the shower:
lily, my niece to be
hugh & i found the adorable dress for her at a berkeley yardsale and i'm pleased it fits perfectly, although she doesn't need much adornment.

the beautiful spread with my old friend amanada:
amanda at the shower
if you look close you can see our turquoise collaborative invite on the upper left of the mantle.

and the ladies at the Big Sur Bakery:
big sur

lastly the bakery's fabulous sign made from discarded letters (the girls guessed this was going on the blog!)
big sur bakery

i'll be busy for the next 2 weeks, but i'd love to record some of the moments leading up to the big day, which feels like one of the bigger creative feats hugh and i have attempted! here is my flickr set where i've begun to capture some of it, starting with the french vintage red ribbon that started off a color scheme. Feel free to leave me any advice of how to stay calm and present please!

OH and i almost forgot, lovely Helen from "Indie Pretty Perfect" interviewed me here. The interview helped ground me in where I've been and where I want to go (especially in that she showcases work from the beginning of my path to now!). Thank you for the opportunity Helen! Check out her beautiful shop Pepperina Press!



shari said...

2 week countdown! how exciting. love the big sur bakery sign. going to check out the interview now. xo

christine said...

I can't believe it is so soon! I'm thrilled for you & Hugh.

What helped me keep calm before our wedding was remembering that I could only do what I could do, and anything that couldn't get done wouldn't be noticed or missed by anyone but me. Everyone will be too busy focusing on how beautiful and happy you and Hugh look together!

I tried to focus on the reason I was doing any of it in the first place: Because I wanted to celebrate the love Rama and I share.

In the last several days before your wedding, try to find time to stop, relax and smooch your hubby-to-be.

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Hi Mati! Congratulations on everything ~ love, upcoming weddings, good times with friends, interviews, beautiful art as always. Have lots of FUN, at your wedding. I'm sure it will be an incredible day.
Thanks for stopping by the ol' bloggie and I'll definitely pass on your congrats. to Melissa :)
Hello to Hugh! and lots of love to you both. happy almost wedding day!!

shash said...

what a fantastic shower and interview. so fun to see so much of your art. i will buy all your children's books. ;-) you're inspiring as always mati.

jenny said...

2 weeks! hooray! :)

Amanda said...

how wonderful!!! just remember to take the time to sit by yourself each day, take in the moments, remember to enjoy it all! such an amazing time for you both...

jenifer74 said...

remember you are doing this for *you* and for *hugh* & your friends & family get the benefit of being there!

i can't give to much advice though because we ran away on a bicycle to the j.p. to hitch us & had a big ole party later in the year!

have so much fun!!

Penguin & Fish said...

That is the cutest little yellow dress ever!