Friday, October 05, 2007

pretty pretty pattern

i've been meaning to gush about my etsy handmade vintage art love scores in the last few months and finally got around to take some pics. a friend came over and commented how much pattern is in the house... in another life i'd like to be a textile designer... or maybe in this life. lots of botanical, lots of muted pastels and lots of pink too i see.
posy press paper
by posy press. i think you might see these appear in my new paintings...
alicia bock
i heart her view finder series so much.
stephanie barnes shroom
i got this at stephanie's show a while back... and lucky i did because her shop little birds sells like hotcakes!
giselle's yoga bag
giselle aka gigegy is my hero! she taught me how to use my new sewing machine which i registered for and low and behold got from hugh's aunt. bless her. anyway, giselle's shop seems to be almost sold out too! but her bag rocks and has gotten me psyched about yoga again!
print mine, bowl kate spade
lastly, i was sending this print out last week and noticed how much it resembled my new bowl from my dear friend (by kate spade) who remembered how much i loved it and it reminded me of my paintings... and sure enough... it's a match!
thank you all for making my life prettier.
mati rose


lisa s said...

ah yes - you and me both on the pattern train.
thanks for all the inspiration!

Laura said...

lovely things...alicia's work is spectacular, isn't it??

mccabe said...

i love peaking into others worlds,
seeing what inpsires and delights them.

that bowl DOES remind me of your paintings.

thank you for the joy today!

with love

true nature said...

that plate i so mati world! i love it. :))

gigegy said...

mati, thanks for posting the bag! btw, added more items in the shop now :p. about time, eh.

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