Wednesday, October 17, 2007



kelly said...

rosy grier....where on earth did you find that! or how on youtube?!
i loved him when i was little! did you know he was famous for doing needlepoint or knitting. he was on the love boat once and that was the episode's topic!


Jesse said...

I found those a while back and watched from Free To Be You And Me...amazing! Now, do they have Bullfrogs and Butterflies anyplace????

mati rose said...

i did not know about his needlepoint & knitting! he's even cooler!

i know jess, i think i need the cd... and however are we gonna track down the bullfrogs & butterflies?!

kelly rae said...

i have never heard this song and i've never seen that man, though he's terribly warm and sweet. did i completely miss or forget this part of my childhood?

Shell said...

Oh my goodness, that is so fantastic! I felt better just watching it. :)

meg said...

ha! i've posted that same clip - it is an all-time favorite of mine.
i heart rosy grier.

matirose said...

i'm glad you like. i had tears running down my face when hearing this!
kelly, free to be you and me... a record i listened to constantly as a child. no?
shell- i know!
meg- what's your blog?

jenifer74 said...

oh my, so totally yes :)