Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hello beautiful dreamers.

hello favorites

i just wanted to say hello. and share photos that have inspired me over this month. i'm thinking about how i want to connect in this space. is it through only my art & process? sharing inspiration? the day to day? what does it all mean?

the blogs i like to read best share of truth and beauty and have consistency... regular postings that is. there has been a weird thing in my life (and i imagine yours?) where more and more people are blog, flickr, facebook, myspace savvy and there is more of an overlap of my people in real life with internet life. what to share and with whom? i felt when i started this blog it was only my little art & craft blog community, and a couple of friends and now because i used a nifty thing called a site meter (eek!) and i am curious about my audience and want to welcome you here! thank you for reading... i love your comments. feel free to at any point introduce yourselves:)

i started this blog as a way to process going back to art school and now that i've finished i'm recreating what this space is. i think beauty, truth and frequent postings is the way to go! any other suggestions?

sweet dreams,


kelly rae said...

anything from you will be worth reading, mati, even if i see you in real life, i still value what you share here.

mati rose said...

aw, thanks kelly belly! xo, m

Shell said...

Hi Mati,

Your posts are always so thoughtful and inspiring, and I'll continue to read your blog no matter what direction you take it in!

Susannah said...

i spy Miss Boho's picture of Miss Swirly :-)

I had a time when i'd be posting almost every day but these days it's more sporadic - real life tends to get i the way.

i love coming here to see what you've been up to, and your beautiful art of course, so lookign forward to seeing the changes as they come :-) x

Maura said...

Hi! I just wanted to delurk and say how much I love checking in on your blog. Your photos and art are really inspiring - I love the colors in both. I've been so happy to see that there are so many women out there who are interested in making things, and who do it so well!

shari said...

hi dear mati.

i always love visiting your space. it's vibrant and full of truth, beauty, and inspiration. xo shari ps: i'm honored that you included one of my photos here. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mati, what a beautiful collection of photos!


Swirly said...

I have actually struggled at various times with what my blog is "supposed" to be about, but what I've realized is that honesty is the key. Whatever I happen to write about on any given post, it doesn't really matter as long as it is honest and authentic. I have grown to love this community very deeply...I think it is changing the world, and the more honest voices we have out there, regardless of the topic, the better.

mati rose said...

shell, susannah, maura & linda!
thank you. it's so nice to read these comments and feel open to change, or rather a natural progression of growth in this space. thanks for letting me use your photo shari:) and nice to "meet" you maura!

mati rose said...

and swirly! i think we were writing at the exact same time! i agree whole heartedly about this community. xo

Lex said...

Hello Mati!
I'm the dot on your site meter from London, UK. My favourite posts of yours are the ones with pictures - I like your sense of what is beautiful.
Best wishes,

andrea said...

Just saying hi! I love reading your blog and checking out your images. I know what you mean about content issues. It's such a new medium still!


stacy kathryn said...

hey Mati, I am coming out of the woodwork. I love your blog, I think the honesty thing is the key. Doesn't matter as long as you are at the core your true authentic self. Keep on posting... I love your artwork :o)

matirose said...

lex, andrea & stacy~
thank u for your hellos. back-atcha!
so interesting it all is to think about how to communicate, and it's value. i am inspired by your affirmations!

Kelly LOVES Whales said...

hi mati*
i've been a wall-flower, reading your blog for awhile. just love it no matter what. it's the voice behind the blog that matters, and you have one that is meant to be heard....read too....!


matirose said...

hi kelly loves whales!
i love that expression wall flower

christine said...

I've been using this medium for almost (eek!) 9 years now, so I can relate to the space changing as my life changes. I have struggled this past year especially, though, not knowing what to say and, sometimes, not feeling like saying much at all!

But I agree. It's important. And there are some amazing people that I want to stay connected to--so what to do? I am going to try to write more often, more honestly, more openly. If you can do it, certainly I can too. xoxo

laceyJ. said...

First time commenter on your blog, but yours is an inspirational find for me... so, keep sharing what inspires you, and even if it's not frequent, the impact is still as great.

Thanks for sharing these pics; they're beautiful!

jenifer74 said...

beauty & truth for sure. & hopes and aspirations & inspirations :) xxx.

Frida said...

beauty and truth are pretty hard to argue with... and i always find so of both in the extraordinary community.

your space especially always injects a booster of beauty into my day.

i love that photo of swirly's great legs and boots!

mike said...

hello! i'm another silent reader from sf! i've been reading for awhile now, and enjoy what you've done with your blog. i have creative aspirations and your site provides much inspiration! i look forward for good things to come! - mike

matirose said...

christine, lacy, jenifer, frida and mike!
thank you for your comments. i have savoured each and every one. really. first, i cannot believe you've been blogging for 9 years christine. wow. 2nd, i'm so happy a man (i presume) is reading my blog. welcome.
you guys rock!

mike said...

yep, there's a guy here! be careful what y'all say!

Anna H. said...

i love your blog, mati -- and your flickr pics, too. you have a really beautiful, gentle and joyous way of seeing the world and i'm so grateful that you want to share it with all of us out here in the ether...

like so many have said, i'll read whatever you put on here.

anna in los angeles.