Monday, November 12, 2007

i want to live here.

home inspiration
home inspiration
home inspiration
home inspiration and i want those tights! and shoes!
i'm sure we all tear out pictures of homes and images that inspire us, but it is rare that someone seems to talk my language so directly! i want to sew my vintage silk scarves together and find a table like that. i love her skirts, shoes and electric blue tights! i'm biased as a painter, but i would want to add some spots of color to this loft. anyway, it's no wonder that this girl emily chalmer's london abode written up in the British Elle Decor way back in June also has some books whose titles speak to me, namely flea market style (hey, my birthday is coming up hint hint!). emily also owns a store named Caravan (watch & listen to this!).
should i share my magazine clippings here more often? i would love to see yours!


Susannah said...

snap! i tore this article out of my issue too :-) next time i'm in London i want to check out her shop - i'll report back what i find x

lauracrow said...

i want to live there, too! and yes, you should absoultely share your magazine clippings more often :) xo

Geek+Nerd said...

Umm, yes me too. Want a roommate?

matirose said...

oh yes susannah scout it out and then tell her she has a few new roomates:)

shari said...

oh mati. this is so YOU!! i love it. yes, my dear please share your magazine clippings. xox

Shell said...

I want to live here too! I love the warehouse space for one (living in a mouse house can get rather claustraphobic at times), and the decore is perfectly eclectic and wonderful!

And damn, I *am* going to sew my vintage scarves together. :)

Anna H. said...

yes, please!

i love this too -- and have flea market style which is something i like to just leaf through every once and a while -- beautiful, beautiful stuff.

and now you've made me covet british elle decor, dammit! i've never seen it at any of the bookstores down here, so i'll just have to start looking harder!

i've been realizing of late that the reason i like so many british interiors is because they look (and are) lived in and loved, with eclectic pieces that often have a playfulness -- and a bit of history, too -- about them.

andrea said...

oh I second this, miss mati! the book was given to me for my birthday last year and I luuurve it. first decor book in a long time that feels like what I love. does that make sense? oh the use of color! such a delicious mix of junk, but with a bit of modern. clean lines here and there, but messy. oh I love it. such an inspiration to me.

yes, more magazine snippets! maybe I'll post some too!


Hester en Jantien said...

Wouw looks wonderful, and thanks for the link!