Thursday, November 29, 2007

winter white

recognize these wings?
hard to miss
my parent's built a 2nd home in vermont
maine, maria and vermont all made me appreciate subdued colors and bright white. and how colors boldly pop in crisp comparison.

i immediately felt the shift and the gangling of color calling me as i walked down mission street upon our return.

which calls to question, how much of our environments shape our inspiration?

(maria's wings, keisha my parent's snow bear & their new home in vermont)



SimiaArtifex said...

hooray for white on white!

mati rose said...

i think i meant to say jangle, not gangle... like the sound of color? ha!

ArtsyMama said...

My goodness, the picture of the wings too my breath away. Gorgeous photos!! I love that question about inspiration and environment. Something to ponder. LOVE white too. Living in Minnesota, we see white in the winter for so very, very long. It's definitely has a strong impact. Thanks again for the inspiration.

risa said...

i love your parent's new home. it almost makes me want to move to maine...ah but the idea of moving again is too overwhelming to seriously consider.

matirose said...

will, i didn't know that was you! of course you'd like white on white-- that's your specialty!

glad to inspire kari & yes moving (even the idea of it!) is overwhelming risa!!

katherine louise said...

oooh. i'm really getting into the winter whites and subtle gradations of color over here in new england...i was in VT 3 weekends ago..close to the time i posted that entry. funny that you were there!
hope you had fun...