Sunday, January 06, 2008


garden rooms
sometimes there is an image that just moves you to get off your duff and create, or reinvent your space.

this is one of them for me.

found via an inspiring blog & artist, as well, who found it on other inspiring places.... so goes the internet.



Pina said...

This is just wonderful! I wish I would have a cozy place like this.

lauracrow said...

i wish could have a place like this...soon, maybe :) it's nice to have something to dream about, though!

meg said...

i was floored by the image as well, and have a few new blog subscriptions as a result!

kelly said...

very cool...thanks for sharing.

Swirly said...

Oh boy...this is just heaven!!

knitcake said...

I just realized this room is in "Flea Market Style", only its a bit different, less images on the wall and different rug. Found "Flea Market Style" in a used bkstore a few weeks back and absolutely love it.