Monday, September 22, 2008

be a tourist in your own city

by rigo
trusty companion
hello mister seagull
mister bing's
yesterday i went for a bike ride by myself all over the city and even though i don't consider myself a photographer or have a very nice camera, i thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and being present in the moment. it's especially fun to reclaim your own city and see it through new eyes as a pretend tourist! take yourself on an artist date + give it a whirl in your own town or city for a refuel and to fall in love all over again with your home!
more noticing pics here


justagirl said...

That is such a cool idea...

we have two weeks holiday coming up next week so I might just do that.


kristen said...

pretty! i have an artist date to take this week and i'm feeling a little disconnected with my camera...thank you for the prompt.

the camp said... is jason mraz. isn't that a fun song. i have to sing and dance everytime i hear it.

Lu said...

great idea. one i will be doing later this week.

Caroline said...

This is a really cool idea, Im going to do this next time the sun peeps its head out here in the south of the UK. Thanks for the inspiration! you seem to do that a lot!

Caryn Lynn said...

Hi Mati,
It was such a pleasure to meet you at the opening of the enormous tiny art show and the squam art fair. I am very new to the blog scene and finding it a great way to expand my art community. I love checking in to see what's new. Your photos are great.It is amazing how you can capture a new perspective through the lense of a camera.

andrea said...

mati, I love this idea *so* much.