Monday, September 29, 2008

smitten with red ruby rose

red ruby rose
red ruby rose
red ruby rose
red ruby rose
oh red ruby rose,
i want all of your clutches. it makes me want to put on my fanciest dress and make a date with my husband asap. or throw a cocktail party. or have an art opening. heck, even just to the corner store for an excuse to carry one of these beauties. i wish i had seen these around the time of my wedding... the turquoise, peacocks and hand printed fabrics by rowena (the artist behind these jewels) just sing. these stand apart from competitors (of which i found a few) for their hand picked and handmade fabrics. did i mention they are lined with dupioni silk? after working in a textile design job, that is one thing i have learned, dupioni baby is the way to go. not to mention that this girl has skills beyond sewing and is in an indie band, an illustrator and a photographer to boot. thank you rrr for making my day prettier. maybe for my birthday (hint, hint dear hugh) in about 2 months.
yours truly,
mati rose


June Shin said...

I blogged about her store too! She has great bags and I want them all.

Susan Tuttle said...

These are beauties! -- thank you for sharing all these wonderful links!


Kim said...

I'm not a girlie girl, but these are beautiful!

Jesse said...

I would like one as well, thanks! Those are PRETTY.