Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bohemian kelly + mati

kelly + mati
kelly + mati
kelly + mati serene
kelly + mati

Denise Andrade aka Boho is magic. She and Thea met us at our cabin, styled Kelly and I, and took us out to a pre-scouted spot in the lush green woods of New Hampshire. Boho created these dreamy photos of us cracking up and seriously proud of one another. We joked that the whole experience of speaking together at Squam felt like getting married... up at the podium all nervous together telling our stories, and that these were our engagement photos! Hugh's jealous. Maybe Denise can take some of H & me soon?

I absolutely love Denise's gentle way of being and photographing. Her new portfolio focusing on artists (patient... it's worth waiting for it to load) is phenomenal. Her way of processing and capturing the shots is most romantic. Or Bohemian?

In Denise's own words about her role as a photographer~ What I loved most about each of these sessions is I witnessed a melting of stress during our time together. Each of them had responsibilities at Squam that were a bit beyond their comfort zone and by the time I was able to steal them away, they needed some nurturing. It felt so good to lay them down in the grass and tell them to breathe and remember that in this moment, they don't have to be anywhere or say anything or think or do or act...but just be still and get filled up by nature and play.

It's not just about capturing their image through my lens. It's about healing and letting go and receiving when my clients tend to give so much. I am honored to offer that solace for them.

Yes, I heart my job.

I heart Boho. Thank you, friend. I'm honored. Soon I'll share more photos from the session from the same day from another talent~ Thea Coughlin.


Boho Girl said...

i heart you too.

that session with you and Kelly Rae meant so much to me. it felt good to sneak away from the camp ground and play. watching the two of you through my lens was magical and inspiring. your love for one another and the support you share together is beautiful and rare and intoxicating.

this was a gift...for me.

i am grateful to you for getting me, my style and why i do what i do.

love you.

Boho Girl said...

ps. oh...and i am totally weepy now for the day. ; )

justagirl said...

really beautiful photos, and a couple of lovely subjects...

I just can't help but smile with you guys when looking at these.

Geek+Nerd said...

You're both so pretty! You look a bit like sisters in these, and these photos make me really want to go clothes shopping with the both of you. Hugs Mati!

Liz said...

Oh Mati these photos are so damn gorgeous, and rich and beautiful... I can see why Hugh might be a little bit jealous... So love the last one, love them all, but that last one, so precious...

jenica said...

you two are heart to heart, sincere soul sisters.


stacy kathryn said...

Those photos truly capture the two of you amazingly!

h. luv said...

your blog always makes me so happy. thank you.

Schmoops said...

these photos make me seriously giddy + giggly.

i heart your engagement photos, so playful and tells the story beautifully of the friendship you share.

denise has really found her calling by photographing artists and friendships.


Anonymous said...

First time visiting your site. Loving those necklaces!

Heather said...

These photos are gorgeous and you look like you're having such a great time!

Relyn said...

Please, please tell me about your necklaces. Please.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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